Albany is nature's best 100% wholesome, wholegrain goodness. Contains wheat germ, a natural source of vitamin E, is high in fibre, is cholesterol free and keeps you regular. Endorsed by the Heart Foundation group.

All Gold

Whether it is a squeeze of Tomato Sauce, a dollop of Superfine Apricot jam, or a spoon of Tomato & Onion Mix, you are sure to be delighted by All Gold's range of products, which transform an ordinary meal into a taste sensation.


What's bugging you? DOOM has scientifically formulated a range of aerosol pesticides to rid your home of insects, fast. Faster. Deadlier. Doom.


Energade is designed to replenish what exercise takes out of you. The official sports drink of the Springboks, our national rugby team, and the BSG Energade Tri-Series, and the official sports drink supplier to the 94.7 Cycle Challenge and the Comrades Marathon.


For almost a century, Enterprise has been a never-ending support for Mom’s. With Enterprise’s wide range of trusted quality meat products, consistent quality is guaranteed through the careful selection of the best meat and ingredients, and the highest standards in manufacturing. Mom is able to feed her family with confidence in knowing that she is giving them the best. Don’t Compromise. Serve Enterprise.


Formulated in 1937, but having stood the test of time, nothing beats Ingram's Camphor Cream for soothing dry, cracked, itchy skin.


Jungle Oats has been a familiar favourite in South African homes for over 100 years. High in carbohydrates to help you and your family maintain energy levels for the day ahead.


KOO has been voted as South Africa's number-one favourite brand, bringing your family a range of quality canned vegetables, fruits, jams, ready-to-eat meals, toppings and liquid flavourings to make every meal sensational.


Purity provides a variety of preservative-free jars, juices, cereals, hot porridges, teething biscuits, teas, snacks and treats especially designed to meet the nutritional needs of South African babies and toddlers. And now we offer quality toiletries and pharmaceuticals made with the same levels of love.


Mothers all over South Africa know that Tastic rice is highly versatile, convenient and economical for the whole family.

Baby Care

Welcome to Purity

Purity supports and partners with you through your pregnancy, birth and your baby’s formative years with a range of products for moms-to-be, babies and toddlers across nutrition, care, health and mother.

Purity gives you the support and reassurance that you are doing the best for your baby so that your baby can be the best they can be

It all begins with Purity

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Purity Pedia Kids


Thirsty? Our range of beverages are part of the culture of all South Africans, from children gulping cool drinks on a hot summer's day, to adults sipping a refreshing cordials while they watch their children play. Take your pick.

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Wherever a family gathers for a meal, Tiger products complete the experience. Our Grains brands form the staple diet for families around South Africa – filling tummies with nutritious and delicious food to provide energy at breakfast, lunch and supper.

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Golden Cloud
King Korn
Simply Cereal


Our grocery range was designed to be the perfect partner to every eating occasion, designed to bring the Tiger touch to every dish, dessert or day in your life.

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Crosse & Blackwell
Fatti's & Moni's
Ice Cap
Spray and Cook

Home Care

A clean home is a happy home, so to make your home more happy, we've brought you a collection of products that make cleaning time a breeze.

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bio Crystal

Out of Home

The Out of Home or catering service division of Tiger Brands markets the wide range of Tiger Brand products to restaurants, catering services and other out-of-home institutions.

With our bundles of best-loved products, you and your customers will never be far from your favourite flavours, wherever you are.

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It's the smell of bacon crackling in the pan on a Saturday morning; a hotdog dripping with mustard and relish or a Kota filled with fried polony, russians and atchar. Tiger Brands brings you a wide range of cold meat products that are perfect for any occasion.

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Mielie Kip

Personal Care

The pace of modern living can be tough at times, so to make the most out of life, you need to take special care of yourself. Tiger Brands brings you a range of high-quality personal care products to take care of your and your family's hygeine and body care needs.

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Dolly Varden
Lemon Lite
No Hair
Protein Feed

Snacks and Treats

We hit your sweet spot with our Snacks and Treats, designed to satisfy your sweet tooth or boost your energy levels when you need it most.

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Fizz Pop
Fizz Pop
Jelly Tots

Tiger Brands International

The Tiger Brands' International Division exports many of its products across Africa, making these popular South African brands available in over 25 countries across the continent.



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